April 13, 2021

Your Life Is Timed!!

  1. Do What You Want Now.
  2. Learn From the Pain!
  3. Live the Life of Your Dreams.

Through these blog posts, I want to convey to you that there is still hope for living out your life well!

“It’s time for you to live your own life without worrying about the expectations of others.” – Unknown

Your Life Is Timed

We all would like to live forever and for moments to last forever, but that is not the case. There comes a time for every one of us when we have to depart from this earth and life as we know it. Death is not the only thing that reminds us of how short life is, but everything that we do in this life is timed. It does not matter what it is, there is a time frame to it. There is a time to go to school, there is a time to put to practice what you have learned, there is a time to cry, a time to laugh, so everything is timed. There is a quote I like that says, you only have one life to live, and if you do it right, once is enough. Yes, our life is timed, but that is not always a bad thing, it’s a bad thing if you do not do what needs to be done during the allotted time. Knowing that everything that we are doing has an expiry date on it we need to live a life that is bold and without regrets.

Do what you want NOW.

We have all fallen into the trap of someday. We have plans and activities that we have shelved for later as if we know what our life will look like later. I’ll give an example, in early 2019 we were all enjoying our lives and making plans for 2020 when we heard of the virus in China, we all thought it would only affect them, However, 2020 presented a new reality, lockdowns, isolations, masking up, we cannot go out anymore, public spaces turned into war zones that we all had to ditch and that was it. We thought we could do some things later but we had no idea this would be our reality. As much as you can, do what needs to be done today. Make that phone call, take that job, and accept that offer because our life is timed. Nothing in life is permanent. Certain doors that we keep saying no to even though we would like to say yes will not always stay open. AS much as it is in your power, do what you can today. Tomorrow is never promised for any of us.

Learn from the pain

“Everything in life is temporary. So, if things are going well enjoy them, and if they aren’t do not worry it won’t last forever either.” I am not sure who said these words but that’s the truth about life. By understanding that everything is temporary, everything has an expiration date rather than complain about the expiration date, learn what you can. Life is a mixed bag of challenges and triumphs, the passage of time does nothing for you unless you learn from everything that you experience. Time allows you to introspect and see how things can be done better in the future. It is never a waste. Lessons learned even after the season has expired can be carried to the next one. Then you know that despite our lives being timed, you can learn from an experience so that you can have a better one and time allows for this. What you do with the time that you have is what makes the difference. Like the quote earlier, when life is lived right, once is enough.

Live the life of dreams

We have all heard the saying that life is short, this is just to say that life is timed. To enjoy the short and timed life that we have, it’s important to remove all the limits from your life and live the life that you want. Since life is timed, it is best to forgive wrongs quicker than how you are wronged, go for the things that set your soul on fire, love unapologetically because you may not be able to do all the things that you can. Living the life of your dreams means living a life of no regret. Taking a chance on yourself with the appreciation that you only have one life to live and better make the most of it. “Our biggest regrets are not for the things we have done but for the things we haven’t done.”- Chad Michael Murray. From the quote, we learn that we have to live the life of our dreams and make it our reality. There is no greater agony than that of not being able to do something that you have always wanted to do. This is when we find parents living vicariously through their children because their time has passed. To avoid this rather live your best life, unapologetic, knowing that when the time comes and you are unable to do so you are filled with regrets but satisfaction and contentment.

In closing, life is timed. Death is not the only clock to live there is. There are other factors like age, accidents, and injuries that can suck the life from the time you thought you had. Life being timed is not the challenge per se but our inability to make our life worth something by seizing every opportunity, by learning from the pain and living the life of our dreams.

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Your Life Is Timed!!

Your Life Is Timed!!


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